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Human activities such as energy generation and transportation emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are heating the planet.
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iCS’s vision: A prosperous, just Brazil that leads the transition to 1.5°C
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A better future depends basically on the choices made by society. iCS works for decisions to be made towards a prosperous, low-carbon development
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INITIATIVES: Build evidences to support decision making towards the low carbon economy; Drive investments and subsidies to the low carbon economy; Increase supply of new low carbon economy projects.


INITIATIVES: Democratization and decentralization of the power sector; New renewables: solar, wind and biomass; Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation and Smart Grid.


INITIATIVES: Civil society and mobility policy; Transport finance and economics; Transport technology, air quality and health.


INITIATIVES: Enhance climate ambition and NDC implementation; Engage a diversity of constituencies on climate issues.



Since 2017, iCS is the implementing agency of Kigali Project, which aims to establish state of the art energy efficiency standards and labelling (EES&L) in the air conditioning (AC) sector in Brazil and encourage the transition to low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants in order to improve cooling efficiency and ultimately reduce GHG emissions.

The Project is structured in four main components:

  • Support the development of energy efficiency management plan for AC sector with links to Montreal Program.
  • Work for the Revision of MEPS & labelling policies and programmes for the AC sector.
  • Contribute to improving the energy efficiency of the compressor sector.
  • Support market transformation activities (e.g. buyers club / bulk procurement, etc).

The Kigali Project is supported by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (KCEP), set up by a group of international philanthropic foundations to anticipate meeting the goals of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. More information:

Summary of past grants










GBC – Green Building Council To write down the first requirements for Zero GHG Emission Buildings in Brazil and, in parallel, to release it on seminars, courses and other outreach activities, directed to contractors, estate developers, construction components industries, to promote a low carbon building´s industry along the next decades.  BRL            177.000 01/jan/17 12 POWER
Instituto ESCOLHAS To strength the public debate about the implementation of Brazil’s National Determined Contribution (NDC), by developing research, outreach and advocacy initiatives with the focus on the possible social and economic impacts of its NDC implementation (impact of the energy efficiency goal, as reducing 10% of power consumption by 2030).  BRL         1.575.000 01/abr/17 18 POWER e URBAN MOBILITY
CBC – Centro Brasil no Clima To implement Brazil´s NDC in a plural and participatory process through the Thematic Chambers of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, to hold strategic meetings with climate leaders and to prepare the steps to the first cycle of Brazilian NDC revision for 2020 and for a long-term vision of decarbonization.  BRL            900.000 01/mai/17 12 CLIMATE POLICY
ICV – Instituto Centro de Vida To support capacity building of indigenous people communities and representatives, on issues related to energy planning, renewable sources of energy with special attention to hydroelectricity and To bring together people from different communities at the same site and activities, along the year, to promote their experience´s exchange and the build up of common understanding of hydropower projects.  BRL            320.000 01/abr/17 12 POWER
Instituto NOSSA BH To improve Belo Horizonte’s low carbon urban mobility policy by strengthening its Urban Mobility Observatory (ObsMob-BH). The Observatory will monitor the development and implementation of urban mobility policies within the city and metropolitan region, as well as its connections with climate change policies.  BRL            300.000 01/abr/17 12 URBAN MOBILITY
CEBDS – Conselho Empresarial Bras. para Desenv. Sustentável To support the participation of Marina Grossi in the 2nd. SECOND ANNUAL HIGH LEVEL ASSEMBLY CPLC (Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition) meeting to be held in Washington DC on April 20, 2017.  BRL                 6.000 19/abr/17 1 OUTREACH
EOS – Consult. Sustentabilidade e Estrategia Ambiental Ltda. To understand the differences between the various modeling structures of mitigation scenarios to advance with a well-informed debate on cost-effective climate policies for Brazil.  BRL              44.500 01/mai/17 6 CLIMATE POLICY
Associação BIKE ANJO To promote bicycles as a key component of urban mobility planning at the municipal level throughout Brazil. The “Bicycle in the Plans” program’s second phase will promote connections between bicycles and public transportation, climate change and health.  BRL            350.000 01/mai/17 16 URBAN MOBILITY
ESCOLA DE ATIVISMO To strengthen civil society institutions in the city of Recife on the field of low-carbon urban mobility that leads to the development of robust low-carbon urban mobility plan and policies.  BRL            301.000 01/mai/17 12 URBAN MOBILITY
FUNDO Socioambiental CASA To create a national call for proposals on pedestrian mobility and climate change, strengthening local institutions that fight for a key low-carbon mode of transportation.  BRL            180.000 01/jun/17 12 URBAN MOBILITY
CONECTAS Direitos Humanos To highlight the intimate relation between the exploitation of natural resources and human rights the 25th edition of the SUR Journal – to be publish in June 2017 – will present articles on this issue.  BRL              50.000 01/jun/17 6 OUTREACH
ISER – Instituto de Estudos da Religião To engage religious leaders to act on the agenda of Climate Change and engage other constituencies, through a group of 24 leaders, connecting climate change themes and contents closer to this group;  to conduct communication initiatives with the production of written and visual materials, to be delivered and disseminated with a focus on religious groups.  BRL              50.000 01/jul/17 4 OUTREACH
CENTROCLIMA /  IES BRASIL To design and validate 2050 mitigation scenarios for Brazil ompatible with the stabilization of global warming within the 1.5°C above pre-industrial revolution level, giving enphasis to the social and economic consequences of the different scenarios.  BRL            175.000 01/jul/17 7 CLIMATE POLICY
CPI   –  Climate Policy Initiative To identify the barriers for the industrial sector to implement measures related to the efficient use of energy, and to propose policy changes that will foster energy efficiency for industry.  BRL            340.000 01/jul/17 12 POWER
GCCA –  Global Climate Change Alliance To connect health, air quality and urban mobility issues through campaigns, events and communication efforts. These activities will promote awareness and behavior change, as well as support advocacy efforts towards low carbon urban mobility policies, bringing the health sector into the debate.  BRL            250.000 01/jul/17 9 URBAN MOBILITY
Associação CASA FLUMINENSE To enable Casa Fluminense to fulfill its important role of an urban policy watchdog institution based in Rio de Janeiro, that aims at the approval and monitoring of Urban Mobility Plans that promote high quality low carbon urban mobility policies in the Metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.  BRL            290.000 01/jul/17 12 URBAN MOBILITY
SUL21 Mídia Eletrônica S/A To produce 6 reports / interviews to be published on the site and social networks of the South21 giving visibility to the socio-environmental impact of mineral exploration in Rio Grande do Sul.  BRL              30.000 01/ago/17 12 OUTREACH
ANDI – COMUNICAÇÃO E DIREITOS To analyze and propose effective communication strategies based on media coverage between 2014 and 2016 in the themes of Energy and Climate Change, through two events with participation of experts, representatives of Civil Society and journalists who will cover COP23.  BRL            110.000 01/ago/17 4 OUTREACH
PURPOSE Campaigns Brasil Ltda To articulate a network of actors around the demand for a complete bus fleet replacement in the city of São Paulo, making a transition to low/no carbon technologies. The grantee will conceptualize, design and distribute communications materials on the topic that are friendly to the general public.  BRL            250.000 01/set/17 8 URBAN MOBILITY
IPC – International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth To build capacity on IPEA and IBGE of how to inform decision makers and society about the performance of the low carbon portion of the economy as a tool to drive economy wide decarbonization strategies.  BRL            178.000 01/set/17 4 CLIMATE POLICY
INESC – Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos To discuss fossil fuel subsidies, their impacts on society and their relationship to fiscal justice and climate change.  BRL              50.000 01/set/17 6 CLIMATE POLICY
AOKA  – Desenv. Humano e Turismo Ltda ME To identify, activate and engage a broad range of stakeholders from civil society and private sector, including reference institutions on climate change, business development and innovation finance to collaborate on a joint initiative to catalyze low carbon development in Brazil.  BRL            285.000 01/set/17 8 CLIMATE POLICY
CBCS – Conselho Brasileiro de Construção Sustentável To promote smart buildings (i.e. energy efficiency, water conservation and active mobility) in public buidlings/facilities, in order to show case the importance of cities’ action in promoting low carbon solutions.  BRL            350.000 01/out/17 12 POWER e URBAN MOBILITY
ITDP –  Inst. Pol. Transp. Desenv. To promote low carbon and accessible urban mobility systems by building technical capacity in public and civil society actors, creating and implementing metrics and indicators for planning and measuring progress in policies, and promoting active and integrated public transportation.  BRL            999.000 01/out/17 12 URBAN MOBILITY
IDEC – Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor To promote urban mobility and power sector policies in Brazil, focusing on a consumer’s perspectives of a low-carbon transition. The mobility component focuses on improving public transportation. The power component, on developing institutional capability to promote power consumers protection.  BRL            900.000 01/out/17 12 URBAN MOBILITY e POWER
IEMA – Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente To assess the potential role of bioelectricity at the Brazilian generation matrix, for a Zero Carbon Power Sector up to 2050 scenario.  BRL         1.200.000 01/out/17 18 POWER
Ass. de Jovens ENGAJAMUNDO To engage Brazilian youth in social change. Provide open spaces for learning and knowledge sharing, build awareness on climate change and associated themes like water and renewable energy to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda.  BRL            350.000 01/out/17 24 CLIM. POLICY ECON.
IDESAM – Inst. de Conservação e Desenv. Sust. da Amazônia To influence the Brazilian position on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) by:   a) producing an analysis of emissions, potential benefits, opportunities and challenges related to the adhesion of Brazil to CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) voluntary phase;  b) developing a communications campaign focused on influent stakeholders.  BRL            143.000 01/out/17 6 CLIM. POLICY ECON.