IEMA produced a retrospective on the social networks about the main projects performed in 2019, all supported by iCS. Here are some of them.

New Site | December 2019

The new IEMA website was launched in December and reflects the Strategic Plan of the organization, with four objectives (clean air, urban mobility with low emissions, sustainable freight transport, and a clean and inclusive electrical matrix) and seven lines of action for the years between 2020 and 2024. Enter and browse!

Electrical Exclusion | November 2019

About 1 million Brazilians, precisely 990,103 individuals, are without access to electrical energy in the Legal Amazon Region. These figures were obtained thanks to an innovative, geo-referenced, analytical methodology created by IEMA, which allows for the estimation and the monitoring of the evolution of this number in different territorial demarcations and population classes (such as indigenous peoples, extractive communities, Quilombolas, and settlers). Learn more here!

PlanFrota | October 2019

All the bus operators in São Paulo have received for free the PlanFrota, which is a tool developed by the Institute in partnership with SPTrans that will guide the planning of the fleet renovation. SPTrans will verify the plans using the platform, with the objective of complying with Municipal Law 16802, of 2018, which establishes the gradual reduction of emissions of pollutants and carbon dioxide in 20 years. More details here .

Air Pollution | September 2019

IEMA was present at the public hearing that debated, in the Chamber of Deputies, the bill that instituted the National Policy of Air Quality and creates the National System of Air Quality Information. At the time, the Institute demonstrated the importance of the inventories of pollutant emissions, their monitoring and the air quality standards for the efficient management thereof. More details here .

Cargo Transport | July 2019

The workshop for the Decarbonization of Cargo Transport in Brazil brought together representatives from the private sector, academia and NGOs to debate the challenges and the methods to expand the participation of rail and water in the transport of freight, in addition to the possible developments in relation to the emissions of pollutants. The event was organized by IEMA with support from the Instituto Centro de Vida (ICV) and is part of the Brazil Zero Carbon 2050 project. More details here!

Isolated Systems | March 2019

The Institute for Energy and the Environment conducted two studies. One was economic and the other was qualitative and quantitative, about the Xingu Solar project, by the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA). The combination of the production of electric energy from oil generators with photovoltaic panels can bring savings and an increased supply of electric energy in the Xingu region. Furthermore, IEMA also co-organized the Energy & Communities Fair and Symposium, which ended with a letter of recommendations seeking to overcome the energy exclusion. Details here!

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