On January 29, Climate Ventures presented its 2020 work proposal to iCS and Humanize. With the objective of uniting innovation, business and climate and thereby contributing to the decarbonization of the economy and the regeneration of the planet, the organization was founded in 2018. It already has 552 startups registered in seven thematic areas (regeneration, forests and land use, waste management, water, energy, agriculture, and logistics and mobility). Only in 2019, 20 startups stimulated 18 collective action prototypes that were created to unlock the new economy, with a main focus on the Amazon region, among other achievements. The two years of operation has also been a learning process: the ecosystem of climate entrepreneurship is incipient, with only a few qualified businesses and limited sources of funds; there is a disconnect between the universes of innovation and business and climate, with a boom in the world of innovation, of investments and of businesses that are disconnected on purpose; the systemic change is more effective in the territories, i.e., the collective action to transform systems operates better in the regions that have a sense of belonging.

For 2020 and 2021, Climate Ventures intends to build a community of climate entrepreneurship, mapping the main organizations in the field and formalizing partnerships; producing knowledge about the ecosystem of good business for the climate; and attracting capital for investment in climate ventures, by developing a Venture Philanthropy Fund for investment in startups. This year, in addition to the Fund and the studies of the ecosystem, the organization will hold the second edition of the Climate Ventures Summit & Connection Fair for the Climate and Phase III of the Amazon Lab – without forgetting the strengthening of its institutional program.

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