The “4th Annual Seminar of MapBiomas – Losses and gains from the changes of coverage and land use in Brazil” was held on August 29. It was the stage for the launch of Collection 4, with maps updated to 2018, and new developments such as a beta version of data of the suppression of the natural vegetation and regeneration for all the Brazilian biomes. During the event, the opening film of the series, MapBiomas 30 x 30 meters, was also shown for the first time. It tells the story of the first satellites sent into space in the 1970s to take photographs of the Earth (each image is 30 by 30 meters, hence the name of the series) and how this historical database of images can help tell the story of deforestation, of occupation, of development, and the changes of land use in the country in recent decades. Watch the whole event and get to know all the news.

The data from Collection 4 is now available for download . It can also be accessed directly by the download toolbox (by biomes, states, municipalities, hydrographic basins, and protected areas) in the Google Earth Engine : and video tutorial .

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