An initiative of the Floripa Efficient City Program, part of the Efficient Cities project of the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Constructions (CBCS), the Energy Gymkhana held in March in the capital of Santa Catarina has sent a letter with the results to the local government of Florianópolis. The objective of the action was to evaluate the energy cost of two municipal administrative buildings, namely Aldo Beck and IPUF/SMDU/FLORAM, in addition to training employees about energy efficiency in public buildings. The changes to be implemented not only meet the dynamics and behavior of the day-to-day activities in the city, but also public policies that will benefit the population of Florianópolis. Watch the video from the local government.

The Energy Gymkhana is a collaborative activity based on the EnergyTreasureHunt, developed by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. Together with the team from the CBCS, employees who work in public buildings identify problems and look for strategies to improve energy efficiency, with a low cost and high return.

To complete the activities, on August 11, the Floripa Efficient City Program held a webinar discussing permanent energy efficiency actions in buildings. All the presented material is available here:

– slide show: CBCS website and Efficient Cities website
webinar recording
explanatory video of the platform of consumption management
video from the Florianópolis local government about the Energy Gymkhana

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