On December 7, the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) published the research “Low Emission Mobility, Air Quality and Energy Transition in Brazil.” The data shows the Brazilian perception of the connection between fossil fuels, air pollution and climate change. The results indicate a greater awareness of the population in relation to the use of internal combustion engines, in addition to a readiness to adopt to more sustainable means of travel.

Commissioned by iCS to the Instituto Ideia Big Data, the survey conducted in March 2020,

with 2,000 respondents, compares data collected in 2017 with 2020. Among the main

highlights, the numbers indicate that 92% of the respondents would like more electric buses

in their cities, 72% agree that the use of fossil fuel is the main cause of climate change, which is an increase of 11 percentage points in relation to 2017, and 67% would be willing to give up their individual transport for a cleaner means of transport.

The research was on behalf of the iCS transport portfolio.

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