There was a marathon of events in October for the portfolio of Climate Policy and Outreach. The last month included the following:

Climate Crisis and Legal Challenges

On October 10, the Law Department of PUC-Rio and the Group of Law Research, Environment, and Justice of the Anthropocene (JUMA) organized, with the support of iCS, a seminar that discussed the climate crisis and its legal challenges.

Launch of The Next Day exhibition

The Next Day exhibition, which portrays sensorially, immersively, and interactively, climate change and its effects and opportunities for cities, was launched on October 10, at the Cidade das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro. To date, over 15,000 people have already visited the exhibition, which has also been reported in various media outlets, such as Catraca Livre , RJTV, O Globo, MultiRio, Sem Censura, Jornal Extra (the print version), and CBN , among others. Learn more about the project .

Sustainable Turnaround | Rio de Janeiro

On May 17-20, the Rio de Janeiro Sustainable Turnaround [Virada Sustentável] took place, which is an event that has already become part of the cultural calendar of the city. With attractions scattered throughout the city, it is important to mention the participation of young leaders from the Centro Brasil Clima (CBC), ITDP, Engajamundo, and CEBDS. Click here for more information .

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