A movement organized by the Comuá Network was supported by partners and filled September with significant content, meetings and events about community philanthropy

In September, the Comuá Network held the Month of Philanthropy that Transforms, which is a movement that offers visibility to community philanthropy and socioenvironmental justice, with debates and the production/sharing of knowledge. Here are some of the figures that proved the success of the initiative:

[39 in-person and/or virtual activities

177 hours of transforming content for Brazilian philanthropy

+ 200 materials produced and/or shared amongst us]

One of the most important products generated was the publication “Philanthropy That Transforms.” It presents a mapping of independent donor organizations for civil society in the areas of socioenvironmental justice and community development in the country. It is possible to discover in its content where the donations go, the sources of resources and the relationships with the funders, information about communication and participation in networks, and much more. Download the publication here.

iCS participated in this month by sharing information and with its own posts on social media of three videos that it made with its partners Revolusolar, ComCat and Operation Native Amazon, in which their representatives explained a little about the work they perform and some of the results they have obtained.

The subject, of course, does not simply end after one month, and will continue to be highlighted!


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