Products such as fruit candies, jelly beans, cookies and others are being produced from raw materials purchased from local Amazonian producers, thereby guaranteeing the generation of local income

Credit: Disclosure Manawara

The bioeconomy of the Amazon has arrived in São Paulo. One of the startups accelerated by AMAZ in 2023, Manawara, has opened a store in the capital of São Paulo, combining healthy foods and promoting raw materials from producers in the North Region, offering products such as fruit candies, nuts, cookies, jelly beans and other vegan products. An article published in Planeta Amazônia shows that the guarana used by the company comes from Maués; the Brazil nuts are from the Beruri Farmers’ Association (Assoab), which operates in the Mamirauá Resex; the manioc flour is from Iranduba; the honey is from Boa Vista do Ramos; and the coconut flour is from producers in Acre. Read the article here.


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