The National Front of Energy Consumers positions itself with the government and the press against “jabutis” in a Bill for the regulation of offshore wind farms and billion-dollar PCS contracts

The National Front of Energy Consumers asked formal questions to Aneel and to the Ministry of Mines and Energy in relation to the agreements relating to the PCS (Simplified Competitive Procedure) contracts that are being mediated by the Federal Accounting Court (TCU) with Âmbar Energia (the energy arm of J&F, the controller of JBS, the largest meat company in the world) and KPS (a Turkish company that maintains floating thermal power plants in Sepetiba Bay, in Rio de Janeiro). The actions of the Front took place in a dialogue with ministers and the technical area of ​​the TCU, in addition to an active presence in the press as a counterpoint to the agreements, which cause significant damage to consumers. At the end of 2023, there was an important victory: the technical area of the TCU declared itself to be against the agreement that could benefit Âmbar. The Front is now waiting for its request to enter the process as an interested party to be analyzed.

Another area of strong action by the Front was “against the inclusion of the various jabuti power plants (including coal subsidies) in the project that proposes the regulatory framework for the production of wind energy in the high seas. “We carried out an extensive mobilization with the press and also on social media. Together with other entities, we commissioned a study from PSR to measure in detail the impacts that the project could have on the electric sector if approved,” explains Luiz Eduardo Barata, the president of the Front. The Bill has already been approved in the Chamber and is now awaiting consideration in the Senate. The Front will continue in its actions, with new studies, in the Senate.

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