On March 12 and 13, iCS grantees (such as GCCM, Climate Ventures, IDEC, Imaflora, Instituto Escolhas, ClimaInfo, Health and Sustainability, the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, and ITDP) and from the Laudes Foundation (formerly the C&A Institute), met at the Espaço Areté, in São Paulo, to participate in a training session about Advocacy at the National Congress, offered by the Advocacy Hub. The intention, from case studies and expert explanation, was to offer a perspective on how to perform more strategic advocacy in the national legislature. Among the presentations, there was an analysis of the political forces of the Congress, the political alignment, the leaderships and the possible tools in addition to the Bills (such as applications, commissions and parliamentary fronts); an understanding of what are the sets of rules, mechanisms and incentives for the decision-making in representative regimes; success cases, such as the Bill that provides for cleaner fuel in the São Paulo bus fleet; among others.

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