Comida do Amanhã and Cátedra Josué de Castro produced a Policy Brief confirming the possibility of the G20 acting in favor of healthier food

The challenges of current production and consumption patterns are most reflected in the agrifood system, which is responsible for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. The expansion of agriculture and livestock are at risk, due to the homogenization of the agricultural landscapes and the standardization of animal breeds due to technological advances. This information is from the Policy Brief prepared by two iCS partners (Cátedra Josué de Castro and the Instituto Comida do Amanhã) and was published in the T20 Policy Briefs, which is an initiative for civil society participation in the discussions about the G20 in India. According to the text, multilateral cooperation driven by G20 initiatives can improve local, healthy and diversified production. Read more about it here.

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