So far, 150 family farmers and quilombolas have participated in training about global warming and food sovereignty, offered by the Movement of Small Farmers

Between June and July, the states of Alagoas, Piauí and Sergipe hosted the workshops “Small Farmer Biopower – Agroecological Firefighters for Food Sovereignty and the Reversal of Climate Change,” organized by the Movement of Small Farmers (MPA) in partnership with iCS. Practical and theoretical dynamics contributed to demonstrate the methods of production of agroecological foods, promoting the restoration of the biomes and addressing, at the same time, global warming.

Instructor Sebastião Pinheiro explained techniques such as the chromatographic analysis of the soil, production of rock flour, green fertilizers, rural microorganisms, biofertilizers, glass water and mineral broths, among others. The program also included visits to universities, federal institutions and other institutions. So far, 150 small family farmers and quilombolas have been involved in the process, in addition to 800 students, technicians and public employees.

Training for small farmers | Credit: Movement of Small Farmers

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