Black Friday is a symbol of consumerism worldwide. However, in Brazil, iCS, with the Kigali Project, IEI (International Energy Initiative), IDEC (Consumer Defense Institute) and Purpose, used the date for a valuable campaign: Air Conditioning of Dreams. It exists, it is 50% more economical, and it emits 68% less greenhouse gases than a traditional device in the market. Unfortunately, however, it is not available in Brazil. What can we do? For example, we can require a revision of the INMETRO labeling standards, which has not happened since 2013, and oblige the industry to optimize their devices from the energy efficiency point of view.

More than this, the campaign presents a comparative table between the air conditioners available in the market, in order to assist consumer selection, and offers an action button: send an email via the platform directly to INMETRO demanding changes! Click here .

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