On January 28, the Alliance for Climate Action – ACA Brazil was officially launched. Its main objective is to mobilize the press, religious entities, business leaders, investors, local and state authorities, civil society organizations, academics and young people to expand the subnational movement and thereby to contribute specifically to reduce emissions and increase the resilience of the territories. To achieve this, WWF Brazil, ICLEI South America, Institute for Climate and Society, CDP Latin America and Centro Brasil no Clima have joined forces to form and coordinate the creation of ACA Brazil.

The expectation is that Brazil will not only achieve the commitments made in the Paris Agreement but also surpass them, based on the new recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We urgently require effective actions to prevent warming above 1.5 ºC based on the pre-industrial period, making it essential to mobilize efforts to reduce by half the national emissions by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The ACA Brazil launch event was moderated by Daniela Lerário and attended by Gonzalo Muñoz, High Level Champion, Presidency of COP25; and Suzana Khan, deputy director of COPPE-UFRJ, as well as participations by governors, mayors, young people and business owners, such as Luiza Trajano, owner of the Magazine Luiza network and leader of the Women of Brazil Group. Watch the launch in full here .

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