Startups and innovative businesses that contribute to maintain the forest and generate income for the traditional populations of the Amazon can register until April 20 for the acceleration

Until April 20, startups and innovative businesses that contribute to maintain the standing forest and generate income for the Amazon populations can register for the 2023 Business Call of Amaz. The accelerator seeks businesses that generate a positive impact on the rural and forest regions of the Amazon, have a product or service already tested in the market and operate or plan to operate in the region. The investment in the companies can reach R$ 600,000.

Businesses are expected in the following areas: agriculture, livestock and sustainable rural production; sustainable forest management and production; sociobiodiversity products; reforestation and agroforestry production; sustainable and community-based tourism; food, cosmetics; sustainable crafts and fashion, logistics, communication and financial services; technological solutions; platforms for sales and access to markets; education and entrepreneurship with socioenvironmental impact; mitigation and adaptation to climate change; carbon and other socioenvironmental products and services; treatment of solid waste/pollutants and improved access to water for rural and riverside communities.

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