Agribusiness could deforest 1 million hectares per year up to 2030 to meet the demand for meat. But this does not have to happen. The study “Policies for more sustainable cattle breeding in the Amazon” by the Institute of Man and the Environment of the Amazon (Imazon), which is part of the Amazon 2030 project, shows that, in order to guarantee a supply without deforestation, it is necessary to renovate between 170,000 and 290,000 hectares of degraded pasture per year up to 2030. This would increase productivity from the current 80 kilos per hectare to 300 kilos.

For more information, see Carta Capital, BNC and O Eco .

The labor market in the Legal Amazon is the focus of another Amazon 2030 study and shows a worrying reality. While the average figure for informal labor in Brazil is 50% of workers, the number is 70% in the Amazon region. See the report by Globo Rural . CNN Brasil , in turn, provided details about another study by Imazon that indicates an area of ​​7.2 million hectares in a natural process of regeneration in the largest tropical forest in the world. The territory is the size of Ireland.

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