Grupo Vozes da Amazônia [Voices of the Amazon Group] organized a series of events, activities and offline and online actions to draw attention to the protection of the biome, its people and its importance for global climate action

For the third consecutive year, in Amazon September, organizations made joint and individual efforts for a series of events and activities *that place the Amazon at the center of the public debate, both locally and nationally. There were festivals, street activities, traveling exhibitions, and online activations and approaches.

Among the main activities were: Amazon Day Festivals, with five free cultural events (Alter do Chão, PA; São Paulo, SP; Manaus, AM; Macapá, AP; and São Luis, MA) celebrating the diversity *and the importance of the biome,* totaling more than 30,000 people; 43 actions in the Amazon, from street activities to traveling exhibitions, themed fairs, cinema sessions and webinars; and the Virada Amazônia de Pé, with more than 450 decentralized actions in all the states.

Photos: Grupo Vozes da Amazônia

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