The third episode of the Amazoniar series, which is an initiative of the Institute for Environmental Research of the Amazon (IPAM), with support from the Observatory of Trade and Environment in the Amazon (OCCA), concerned the subject “Sustainable Amazon: the role of international trade and investors,” from the perspective of expanding the channel of dialogue between Brazil and Europe about the region. Mediated by Paulo Moutinho, senior researcher at IPAM, the guests were: Marco van der Ree, Dutch and founder/CEO of Brokering Solidarity, and Fabio Alperowitch, portfolio manager at Fama Investimentos. Among the highlights, the insight that, in the last 25 years, the Amazon has lost 10 times the territory of the Netherlands to deforestation. This signifies that not only are we wasting the opportunity to take advantage of the vast wealth of these areas and the potentially high financial returns, but we are also compromising everyone’s quality of life.

“The Amazon stocks between 80 and 120 tons of CO2. Considering the European carbon certification market, this could reach up to 20 trillion reais a year,” said van der Ree. More details of the discussion here .

The fourth episode of the series focused on how investments in forest management and traceability enable sustainable and socially just extraction. The discussion, moderated by André Guimarães, executive director of IPAM, included Roberto Silva Waack, chairman of the board of the Arapyaú Institute, and Leonardo Martin Sobral, forest certification manager at IMAFLORA. Watch the discussion here .

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