The contracts were entered into in an emergency auction, with a possible drought scenario in the country. Due to the rain, this expensive and high-pollution energy makes no sense

The National Agency for Electric Energy (ANEEL) canceled the decision that allowed the contracts entered into in the emergency auction, which was responsible for contracting energy at high prices from natural gas thermal power plants, to be complied with by other thermal power plants in the event of a delay in the works. The winners of the auction, therefore, had not received a fine for failing to comply with the time limit, while consumers paid dearly for energy that was not even necessary in the system. These contracts were entered into, considering a scenario of the risk of drought in the reservoirs in 2022 – however, due to the plentiful rain, it made no sense.

The suspension happens after requests submitted by the Brazilian Association of Large Industrial Energy Consumers and Free Consumers – ABRACE, the National Association of Energy Consumers – ANACE and the Institute of Studies, Training and Advice on Social Policies – PÓLIS, which is an iCS grantee.

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