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Civil society gathered in force in Belém in the days that preceded the Amazon Summit in order to show the importance of their participation in public policies and COP30 For three days, representatives from civil society participated in the Amazon Dialogues, in Belém, in an effort to outline new strategies aimed at sustainability and development in the region. The result, in documents and letters, was shared with the presidents from the Pan-Amazon Region, who participated in the Amazon Summit, an event that that happened after the Dialogues. Partners from the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) participated in a series of plenary sessions with contributions in different areas. The Amazon Dialogues involved approximately 27,000 people in the capital of Pará. One of the documents delivered to the global leaders was the Letter from the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon. The material included recommendations from the indigenous peoples about how to [...]

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Kigali Amendment is enacted in Brazil

Industry must now gradually reduce the use of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by 2045, when their use becomes prohibited. The Kigali Network contributed directly to this victory The Brazilian government finally enacted the Kigali Amendment, which has been a demand of civil society for some years. The Treaty aims to reduce the consumption of substances called Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which the industry uses to replace the old CFCs and which have a high potential for global warming. By 2045, with a phased reduction during the preceding period, they will be banned for all time. The Kigali Network, created by iCS with the support of several organizations, contributed, according to Victoria Santos, coordinator of the Initiative for the Just Transition of Industry at iCS, with several studies of technical and economic feasibility and regulatory impact in order to support public and private actors regarding opportunities to increase the energy efficiency of air conditioning and [...]

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Water, energy and internet for excluded Amazonians

Organizations from Brazilian civil society, led by iCS grantees, participate in a meeting with the BNDES to guarantee public policy for forest peoples in remote locations In a meeting with Tereza Campello, a director of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), organizations from Brazilian civil society submitted the document “Road Map,” with the outline of an integrated public policy that allows access to drinking water, energy and internet by 2025 to the almost 1 million excluded Amazonians, forest peoples from around 6,000 remote locations. The Map began to be designed, in Belém, in May this year, at the “II Meeting of Energy & Communities.” This is a group formed by civil society organizations such as CONAQ (State Coordination of Black, Rural and Quilombola Communities), COIAB (Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon and CNS (National Council of Rubber Tappers), and which was supported by the [...]

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Sociobiodiversity Week

Extractivists and guests spent a week in Brasília aiming to protect the environment and the social and economic inclusion of traditional communities in the country The creation of solutions that reconcile economic development with the preservation of biodiversity, recognizing the importance of traditional knowledge and the interdependence between the conservation of ecosystems, social equity and environmental responsibility. This was the objective of Sociobiodiversity Week, organized by a series of collectives and entities from civil society between August 31 and September 6, in Brasília. In total, 160 extractivists and 80 outside persons and supporters were invited. During the meeting, the participants explored issues related to the production, processing, distribution and marketing of their products, aiming to conserve the environment and the social and economic inclusion of the involved communities. Meeting of the production chain collectives during the Sociobiodiversity Week. Credit: Dione Torquato_CNS

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Bioplastic from Brazil nuts

iCS partners help to develop the production of the bioeconomy in the Amazon with a product that can replace up to 18% of the conventional plastic produced in Brazil in the third year of its arrival on the market From 2024, the bioplastic that originates from the shells and the seeds of Brazil nuts will be able to be produced. This is great news because it is scalable and low carbon in comparison with the plastic derived from petroleum. The WTT (World Transforming Technologies) Foundation, which develops the project “Bioplastic – formation of a production chain for the pre-processing of organic waste for use in the production of bioplastic” alongside Idesam and the Priority Program in Bioeconomy (PPBio), estimates that this work in the Amazon could result in revenue of R$ 20 million in the first three years. The potential of income generation for the involved communities is R$ 4.8 [...]

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Enimpacto wants to promote the new economy

Strategy created by the federal government with support from civil society envisages a divided collegiate body and expansion of investments in the economy with a positive social and environmental impact Enimpacto, the National Strategy of Impact Economy, has been created, which grants an institutional mandate to a set of 25 government bodies and an equal number from civil society for the implementation of actions to promote a new economy that is more inclusive and regenerative, with a positive social and environmental impact. The Strategy envisages the expansion of investments and businesses with financial results achieved sustainably, in addition to the generation of data. An increase in the culture of assessment of socioenvironmental impact in institutions, companies and businesses is also expected. iCS grantees and partners, such as Climate Ventures, participated with contributions. Learn more here.

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Amazon products in the entire country

Project selected initiatives that use the biodiversity of the region for a program of acceleration and sales in 2023, with the objective of strengthening the economy of the standing forest The “Amazon at Home, Standing Forest” project selected 50 initiatives for the 2023 cycle, with the objective of strengthening the Amazon business community and creating a learning network that promotes innovative commercial solutions, capable of taking the sociobiodiversity of the region to the entire country. All those selected participate in a free program with marketing strategies, brand promotion and logistics, with sales made by the partner of the project, Mercado Livre, in addition to fairs, events and own websites. See more information in this report by Um Só Planeta. Some products from the companies and initiatives selected by the Program in 2023. Credit: Disclosure

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Abaré hospital boat receives a visit from President Lula

This was the first model of basic riverside healthcare set up by the Health and Happiness Project, which later became an inspiration for the creation of public policy in 2010 In Santarém, president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva visited the Abaré hospital boat, which is a symbol of the basic health model implemented in 2006 by the Health and Happiness Project in partnership with organizations, councils, universities and local city halls. In 2010, the model became national public policy, covering the regions of the Amazon and the Pantanal. In total, there are more than 100 healthcare boats. The current owner of Abaré is the Federal University of Western Pará (UFOPA), to which it was transferred with the objective of it also becoming a School Boat, thereby expanding its social role. The Health and Happiness Project is an iCS grantee. More information can be found here. Visit of President Lula [...]

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Margaridas in Brasilia

The largest mobilization of women in Latin America took place on the streets of the federal capital with demands for equality and justice for rural, forest and urban workers The 7th edition of the March of the Margaridas, the largest activist mobilization of women in all of Latin America, brought together more than 100,000 people in Brasília, including around 300 female babassu coconut breakers from the states of Maranhão, Pará, Tocantins and Piauí. They are part of the Interstate Movement of Babassu Coconut Breakers (MIQCB, an iCS grantee). The march, which pays homage to Margarida Maria Alves from Paraíba, a trade unionist and peasant woman murdered 40 years ago for her fight for the rights of rural workers, takes place every four years and seeks to valorize women in the countryside, forests, waters and cities, by combating inequalities. Women from MIQCB participated in the March of the Margaridas, in [...]

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Black female jurist for the STF

The Black Coalition for Rights has started a campaign so that the next vacancy on the Federal Superior Court, to be made available in October, is occupied by a black woman for the first time in history The Black Coalition for Rights, an organization that brings together hundreds of groups and collectives, has started a campaign to guarantee that the next vacancy on the Federal Supreme Court (STF), who will inherit the chair of Rosa Weber, a justice scheduled to retire on October 2, is occupied by a black female jurist. This would be an unprecedented action in the 132 years of activity of the STF. The most impressive thing is that, of the 167 justices who were or are part of the highest court of the country, only three were black (men) and three were/are women. During the campaign, street demonstrations across the country are planned, as well as [...]

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