iCS partners help to develop the production of the bioeconomy in the Amazon with a product that can replace up to 18% of the conventional plastic produced in Brazil in the third year of its arrival on the market

From 2024, the bioplastic that originates from the shells and the seeds of Brazil nuts will be able to be produced. This is great news because it is scalable and low carbon in comparison with the plastic derived from petroleum. The WTT (World Transforming Technologies) Foundation, which develops the project “Bioplastic – formation of a production chain for the pre-processing of organic waste for use in the production of bioplastic” alongside Idesam and the Priority Program in Bioeconomy (PPBio), estimates that this work in the Amazon could result in revenue of R$ 20 million in the first three years. The potential of income generation for the involved communities is R$ 4.8 million, with a reduction of more than 300 tons of CO2 emitted in the value chain of the Brazil nut in the same period. Read more here, in an article by Carbon Report.

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