The Black Coalition for Rights has started a campaign so that the next vacancy on the Federal Superior Court, to be made available in October, is occupied by a black woman for the first time in history

The Black Coalition for Rights, an organization that brings together hundreds of groups and collectives, has started a campaign to guarantee that the next vacancy on the Federal Supreme Court (STF), who will inherit the chair of Rosa Weber, a justice scheduled to retire on October 2, is occupied by a black female jurist. This would be an unprecedented action in the 132 years of activity of the STF. The most impressive thing is that, of the 167 justices who were or are part of the highest court of the country, only three were black (men) and three were/are women. During the campaign, street demonstrations across the country are planned, as well as mobilizations on social media, using hashtags such as #MinistraNegraJá.

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