At the event “Brazil in the face of the climate challenge – Proposal for the implementation of the Brazilian NDC in relation to the Paris Agreement,” organized by the Brazil Center in the Climate (CBC) alongside the coordinator from the Environmentalist Parliamentary Front, Deputy Rodrigo Agostinho, and the coordinator of the Work Group on the Climate of the Parliamentary Front of Farming (FPA), Deputy Edilázio Júnior, Alfredo Sirkis (the current executive director of the CBC) presented the document “Proposal for the Implementation of the Brazilian NDC” – which was delivered in 2018 to then President Michel Temer and to the previous parliamentary bench.

With support from iCS and the Democracy and Sustainability Institute (IDS), the meeting, via the Zoom application, was part of the regular agenda of virtual meetings of the Environmentalist Parliamentary Front and involved over 120 people, including members from the National Congress (deputies and senators), advisers, leaders of the state parliamentary fronts, representatives from state environmental departments, and representatives from academia and other institutions, such as iCS, IDS, the Climate Observatory, IEI Brazil, Greenpeace, and the WWF, among others.

Sirkis pointed out that Brazil has always played an important role in the global climate agenda, and including the subject within the sub-national ambit, and not only at the federal level, can help in the compliance with the national targets. Watch the meeting here .

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