The second edition of the Brazilian Conference on Climate Change (CMBC) brought together, virtually, non-governmental organizations, social movements, traditional peoples, the scientific community and the public and private sectors to discuss commitments and alternatives to greater ambitions in the climate agenda. Held on November 5 and 12, the CBMC promoted discussions addressing the urgency of the climate agenda in Brazil, covering subjects such as the green recovery, oceans, forests and energy transition. The recorded panels are available on the Ethos Institute YouTube channel.

iCS was one of the joint organizers of the conference and arranged panels on the subject of subnational action. Addressing strategies to enhance subnational climate action, Shara Mohtadi, from Bloomberg Philanthropies, shared international learning on the subject at an event held by the environment department of the state of Pernambuco. The discussion also included Inamara Melo, coordinator of the technical commission for the climate of Abema and executive secretary of the environment and sustainability department of Pernambuco and Rolf Bateman, from The Climate Group. Watch the conference here .

From the perspective of cities, the Urban Climate Agenda, an initiative of the Subnational Platform for the Climate, included representatives from cities and parliamentarians to address the challenges for health, employment and mobility. Antha Willians, from Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Rodrigo Perpétuo, from ICLEI, opened the discussion. The panel is available in two parts: 1 and 2 .

Discussing the global context of the climate and its inspirations for Brazil and Latin America , Ana Toni, executive director of iCS, joined Isabel Cavelier, senior consultant at Mission 2020 and Yamide Dagnet, director of climate negotiations at WRI and a senior specialist at the NDC Partnership. iCS also arranged an extra panel at the conference to address climate risk and ways to align it with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This was moderated by Gustavo Pinheiro, coordinator of the iCS low carbon economy portfolio.

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