It was a great success! More than 3,000 people followed the 34 panels of the Brazilian Conference on Climate Change, which took place between September 27 and October 1, with high level debates and iCS participation in the discussion rounds and in the support of the event. Organized by the Ethos Institute with the coordination of 25 institutions and companies, the conference involved participants from the private, public and civil society sectors, in a meeting of diverse voices and a significant amount of knowledge.

On the first day, Américo Sampaio, coordinator of the Outreach portfolio of iCS, spoke with Marcelo Rocha, Marcio Astrini and Selma Dealdina about “The Brazilian NDC as a public policy in the territories: Perspectives from Civil Society, Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Communities and Young People living in the Peripheries.” The next day, Diosmar Filho, Hannah Balieiro, Ismael Silveira, Leonildez Nazar and Micaela Valentim spoke about “Society and Inequalities in the Amazon in Times of Climate Change.”

Ana Toni, executive director of the Institute for Climate and Society, participated in the debate “The most significant and urgent law in the world: Climate Security in the Constitution now,” while Marina Marçal, from the Climate Policy portfolio, was involved in the debate on “Climate and Development: visions for Brazil 2030.” In addition to these, there were many other panels, in what is already the largest event on the climate agenda in 2021 in Brazil. If you want to watch them, they are all here, on the Ethos Institute YouTube channel:

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