A meeting debates, among other topics, opportunities of income generation for the Extractivist Reserves through projects with technical knowledge

Extractivists and Concessionary Associations of the Arióca-Pruanã Extractivist Reserve, experts and partners were invited by the National Council of Extractivist Populations – CNS, the Institute of Amazonian Studies – IEA, the Environmental Defense Fund – EDF, and the Institute for Climate and Society, for a working meeting about climate change in Oeiras do Pará. The agenda included the potential opportunity for projects to generate carbon credits for the Extractivist Reserves, as long as they are carried out with technical knowledge and trusted partners from the social movement and from the communities.

Furthermore, representatives from CNS and the Coordination of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), also an iCS grantee, were invited to a public hearing about the regulation of the carbon market in the Chamber of the Deputies.

Image by Raimundo Teixeira estevesbae / by Pixabay

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