A public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies welcomes representatives of indigenous peoples and extractivist populations to discuss the topic and the importance of the community participation

The President of the National Council of Extractivist Populations (CNS), Júlio Barbosa, was one of the participants at a public hearing that discussed technical aspects about the regulation of the carbon market at the Commission of the Amazon and of the Original and Traditional Peoples of the Chamber of Deputies. The debate, which also gathered together other members of civil society, such as Kleber Karipuna, the Executive-Coordinator of the Coordination of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) and Natalie Unterstell, President of the Talanoa Institute, also discussed the ethical aspects of this mechanism in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, especially when involving traditional populations and indigenous peoples.

Catia Santos, a CNS communicator, says in a text that “it is necessary to guarantee that these communities are fairly remunerated and that their rights are respected in the trading of the carbon credits. It is fundamental that the regulation is based on transparency, community participation and free, prior and informed consultation, so that decisions are not imposed from the top down but constructed collectively.”

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Hearing in the Chamber of Deputies about the bill that regulates the carbon market. Photos: @catiasantos95

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