• Ten of the 11 justices from the Supreme Court follow the opinion of the rapporteur in a judgment considered historic A historic judgment for the [...]

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  • The Federal Supreme Court judged the Direct Action for the Declaration of Unconstitutionality (ADI) no 6148/DF, which concerns Conama Resolution no 491/2018, between May 4 [...]

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  • A seminar in Rio de Janeiro included indigenous lawyers from all over Brazil for a laboratory about international perspectives and instruments of strategic litigation and [...]

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  • In a historic judgment, seven environmental, climate and protection actions involving the Amazon are being heard at the Federal Supreme Court.

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  • After a recommendation by the Prosecution Office, the assessment must observe the matrix of impacts and damages in the Environmental Impact Studies

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  • Justice Rosa Weber, of the Federal Supreme Court, overturned, in an injunction, a modification in Conama filed by Ricardo Salles and Bolsonaro in 2019 that disassembled the organization.

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