• The analysis was carried out by the Brazilian Forum of Public Security and was supported by iCS. The basis was the cases registered between 2019 [...]

    Urban Amazon, Land Use and Food Systems

  • Iyaleta launches the Urban Legal Amazon Summary – Socio-Spatial Analyses of Climate Change to contribute to the processes of review and preparation of the Urban [...]

    Urban Amazon, Communication and Engagement

  • Organizations create actions, campaigns, shows, soirees and much more in different sectors of society The Environment Day, on June 5, included actions spread across the [...]

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  • Volume 2 of the Caderno Iyaleta is the seventh publication of the socio-spatial impacts of the climate in the capitals of the Amazon. The work is part of the Urban Legal Amazon project

    Urban Amazon

  • Sixth survey of the Urban Legal Amazon project analyzes the socio-spatial aspects of climate change in the capital of Roraima. Cuiabá, Porto Velho and Palmas are the next cities due to be studied

    Urban Amazon

  • A survey by PoderData, commissioned by iCS, showed that 80% of the population believes the Amazon is a subject of interest and a priority for presidential candidates

    Urban Amazon, Climate Policy, Land Use and Food Systems