The CBCS (Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction) held, on May 5, the Opening Meeting of the Efficient Cities Program at the City Hall of the City of Rio de Janeiro. With support from iCS, the project enables the structuring of elements of governance and public policies that are capable of promoting the mitigation and adaptation of cities to climate change. The event was attended by several bodies from the municipality, members of iCS, academia (professors from UFRJ [the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro], UFSC [the Federal University of Santa Catarina] and USP [the University of São Paulo]), the team from CBCS and representatives of the city hall of Florianópolis, where the program has already been implemented.

Another important meeting of the CBCS took place with the mayor of Florianópolis, Topázio Silveira Neto, for the official delivery of the results of the work developed within the scope of the Floripa Efficient City Program, which was performed between 2020 and 2021. The following implemented actions are highlighted: the management of the consumption of energy and water in the municipal buildings of Florianópolis; the training of the technical body of the PMF in energy efficiency in the buildings; and the preparation of the public policies in energy efficiency for the public and private buildings of the municipality. The conversation with the mayor also addressed the new phase of the Efficient Cities Program in the city, with the support of iCS, in order to provide continuity to the monitoring of the use of the implemented platform for the management of the consumption of the buildings.

In the center of the photo is the mayor of Florianópolis, Topázio Silveira Neto. On the left is the president of the CBCS, Olavo Kucker Arantes, and the members of the team from the CBCS in the Efficient Cities Program, technical coordinator Maria Andrea Triana and researcher Liége Garlet.

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