The study explains that the involvement started to take shape around 2009, during the preparation for COP 15, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The research delves into the subject

In the document “Brazilian industry and the agenda of trade and environment/climate: a summary of the results of the research project carried out by CINDES with the support of iCS,” the Center of Studies for Integration and Development provides an overview of the operation of the sector in the country in the agendas. The engagement begins to take shape, says the text, in the process of the preparation for COP 15, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009. It “generated unprecedented mobilization of the public and private sectors in Brazil. (…) In 2012, in the light of the prospect of holding the Rio+20 Conference, the national entity representing the industry (CNI) – which, in 2009, had taken a position against the assumption, by Brazil, of quantifiable commitments before this was made by other large emitters – formulated a document in which the basic positionings of the entity in relation to the climate agenda were described.” Read the full document here.

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