In partnership with IEI (International Energy Initiative), IDEC (Institute for Consumer Protection), PHS (Healthy Hospitals), CPI (Climate Policy Initiative), CBCS (Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction), MITSIDI Projetos, SITAWI, Forum on Renewable Energy and ABESCO (Brazilian Association of Companies of Energy Conservation Services), iCS sent an official letter to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and to ANEEL (National Agency for Electric Energy) with a list of priority measures for energy efficiency that should be adopted to confront the water crisis in the electricity sector. The measures were divided into two areas: emergency and structural, with a focus on greater robustness and safety in the electrical system, cost reduction and relief from the burden of expensive tariffs for consumers, as well as combining efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

They are:

1. Emergency (Short Term)

a. Auctions in Response to the Demand and Promotion of Cogeneration;

b. Implementation of an e-cashback program;

c. Pilot Project for the Energy Efficiency Auction;

d. Acceleration of the DG (Distributed Generation) connections by the distributors;

e. Stimulation for the White Tariff and the Alteration of the Peak Periods;

f. Reinforcement of the awareness campaign for changes in habits.

2. Structural (Medium Term)

a. Modernization of the PEE (Energy Efficiency Program) towards market expansion;

b. Energy Efficiency Auction for group A consumers;

c. New Energy Auctions;

d. Financing mechanisms for EE (Energy Efficiency) actions, with a Guarantee Fund;

e. Reinforcement and emphasis on the National Plan for Energy Efficiency.

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