Organizations create actions, campaigns, shows, soirees and much more in different sectors of society

The Environment Day, on June 5, included actions spread across the country and in the digital media that demonstrated the importance of the conservation and protection of the Amazon, the indigenous peoples and climate regulation. Among the guaranteed audiences, there were organizations from different sectors of civil society. Some of the programs were as follows:

– Campaigns on the social networks

– Virtual exhibition about the Amazon

– Shows in São Paulo, Belém, São Luís, Acre and Manaus

– Soirees

– Workshops

– Mural painting

– Planting of seedlings

On June 5, a manifesto was also launched in which organizations, collectives and movements from the Amazon drew attention to the climate emergency, the centrality of the defense of the Amazon in any positive vision of the future for the country and the leading role of the knowledge and actions of the traditional peoples and communities in the building of this future.

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