An article published in Valor shows that Brazil has the conditions to measure the climate impact of new ventures

In a column in Valor, Ciro Britto and Caio Borges, from iCS, and members of LACLIMA, defended the importance of scientific evidence being used as the guideline for decision-making regarding the licensing of ventures and activities that degrade the environment. The example under analysis was the denial by Ibama of oil exploration in the Foz do Amazonas. The authors say that the relationship between the proposed venture and the climate emergency is particularly important because the public agency believes that it is the Brazilian government that should “assess the relevance of the expansion of a new hydrocarbon producing hub when the country has been assuming commitments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of an energy transition in the light of the global climate crisis.” We need advances in these analyses and requirements. Read the article here.

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