The challenges of COP28 in defining the path towards the establishment of a new global financing goal at COP 2024 is the subject of an article by Maria Netto and Cintya Feitosa in O Globo

The executive director of iCS, Maria Netto, and the international relations advisor at iCS, Cintya Feitosa Chaves, have encouraged the debate, in an article in the newspaper O Globo, about the global challenge in the search for solutions that leverage the climate financing and the role of Brazil in this agenda, taking into consideration its leading role in the presidency of the G20, in 2024, and COP30, in 2025. “COP28, in November this year, in Dubai, will have a political decision as its main output (…) to guide the preparation of new national contributions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The Conference must also define a clear path so that, at COP29, a new global financing goal can be established, including the ambition to substantially increase the available resources and more effective financial channels and mechanisms,” states the article.

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