An article published in Página 22 and written by Fernanda Macedo, the communications and advocacy coordinator of the Brazilian Coalition gave added visibility to a discussion on Climate Justice at the Brazil Climate Action Hub. The debate “Climate Justice: the intersectionality of gender, race and class in the climate agenda” was moderated by Andreia and was attended by Henrique Silveira, executive director of the Casa Fluminense, Karina Penha, climate coordinator from Engajamundo, and Monica Rodrigues, co-founder and promoter of the eco-feminist movement in Madagascar and Cape Verde.

Página 22 stressed that the reality of climate change is not the same for rich and poor, or women and men. During the debate, Henrique, from Casa Fluminense, showed a map that illustrated the structural racism – of almost R$ 10 billion invested in urban mobility in the city of Rio de Janeiro after the Olympics, R$ 8.5 billion was used for the expansion of the subway to Barra da Tijuca, an upper middle class neighborhood, and only R$ 1.2 billion was invested in improvements of the Supervia trains, which are used by many people living in the poorest regions.

Penha, a young, black biology student from Maranhão, described what it is like as a black woman in the environmental cause, observing the lack of representativeness. Rodrigues also spoke of the situation of the vulnerability of women on the island of Santiago, in Cape Verde, who are a significantly undervalued class. Coutinho ended the discussion with the importance of representativeness.

“Climate justice, in the context of COP, would be the negotiators considering intersectionality as a fundamental principle. Not only deciding the progress with the Paris Agreement, but also demanding a greater representativeness of gender and race among the decision makers.”

COP also had journalists from alternative and peripheral vehicles covering the event and seeking agendas from the perspective of climate justice. Read the publications of Jefferson Barbosa, Perifa Connection , Alma Preta and Énois .

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