A grantee organization of iCS holds an event to talk about climate justice from the point of view of those who cause socioenvironmental problems, and not those who suffer them

“Climate emergency: a legacy of whiteness” is the name of the event organized by the Whiteness Observatory as part of the pilot project for climate justice of iCS. Different from other grantees, however, who have a main focus on the populations most affected by climate change, the Observatory guides its activities in the debate about race and racism from the perspective of whiteness, centralizing the treatment of the socioenvironmental problems in the groups that cause them, and not in those who suffer them. During the meeting, activists, government representatives and academics debated the topic of climate justice and racial issues from a perspective of whiteness, with questions about the conceptions of life, society and existing institutional arrangements.

Click here to learn about the partial outcome of the research that the organization has performed regarding the profile of the scientific researchers who receive financing for research in the area of ​​climate change in Brazil, demonstrating that the large majority are white. The objective of the research is “to problematize the proposals that have been designed for the topic with public financing”.

The event, unfortunately, marked one of the last public appearances by Nego Bispo before his death,
days later. A philosopher, poet, writer, teacher, quilombola leader and Brazilian political activist, he
is considered one of the greatest intellectuals in Brazil, based on his contemporary reflections
involving the experiences of the quilombola people. In this link, there is an excerpt from his speech,
in his (and our) honor.

Photos: “Climate emergency: a legacy of whiteness” event / Credit: Whiteness Observatory

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