A series of content has been created due to a grant offered by the Association of Digital Journalism in partnership with iCS. The links for each product and vehicle follow.

AJOR (the Association of Digital Journalism) made a call for journalistic content with respect to climate justice in Brazil a few months ago, with support from iCS. The results can now be seen, read and heard in different communication vehicles and platforms. There are reports, videos and podcasts that narrate stories from the periphery, public policies, analyze the National Congress from an environmental and climate point of view, and discuss environmental racism and gender inequality. The links for each product can be found below:

Áudio: Portal Catarinas (Florianópolis, SC)

Vídeo: Congresso em Foco (Brasília, DF) 

Texto: Desenrola E Não Me Enrola (São Paulo, SP)

Porvir (São Paulo, SP)

Mídia Caeté (Maceió, AL)

Nonada (Porto Alegre, RS)

EcoNordeste (Fortaleza, CE)

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