The Research Group on Law, Environment and Justice in the Anthropocene (JUMA/NINA/PUC-Rio), the Brazilian Association of Members of the Prosecution Office for the Environment (ABRAMPA) and Editora PUC-Rio held the open class “Environmental Law and Climate Change: an evaluation of climate impacts in environmental licensing” with a live stream on YouTube .

During the event, the study Climate litigation in Brazil: Legal arguments for the inclusion of the climate variable in environmental licensing was launched, coordinated by Danielle de Andrade Moreira. The study seeks to prove that conditions already exist from a legal point of view for an environmental agenda to be not only implemented, but also complied with in Brazil. The authors and researchers provided evidence that the national legal-environmental system already provides instruments that are capable of successfully confronting the climate crisis, based on constitutional analyses, legal cases and data exposure. To read the study, click here .

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