What can anti-racism teach the field of climate change? The question is answered in a product/publication by LAB CHALLENGE, created by PerifaConnection, an iCS grantee. The initial message is already clear:

“Climate impacts have a gender, a color and a place. Racism is structural. The peripheries and traditional populations want to be agents in a world with less emissions, and not only the results of impacts or targets.”

According to the document, which meticulously addresses the concept of climate justice, the confrontation of the subject will only happen appropriately when there is the casting of anti-racist thinking in a leading role for policies and models of a low or zero carbon world. This is because, among other reasons, the populations from the peripheries coexist with structural problems that are a reflection of centuries of racial inequality and exploitation. These problems are accentuated by climate change and are capable of producing new forms of racism, such as the exclusion of this population from measures of mitigation and adaptation. Read the document in full .


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