Foundation awards the communication manager of the Perpetuar Project, and COJOVEM writes a column for Nexo about young people in the current world. A book on media concentration helps to form new citizens

January was a month filled with good news involving communication work in the Amazon and in Brazil. The communication manager of the Perpetuar Project, Ruthelly Valadares, was one of the winners of the Young Quilombola Innovator Award, from the Palmares Cultural Foundation. This contest aims to boost the creativity of quilombola students in their undergraduate academic activities.

The space of the Voices of the Amazon Column in Nexo, which is a project supported by iCS, was occupied by an article from COJOVEM, which spoke about how young people should be regarded by the different sectors of society: as the seeds of today. “To be young in Brazil in 2023 is to be part of a political, economic and social public that feels the impacts of the climate crisis in its skin and in its soul, and without many perspectives of more resilient and sustainable horizons. However, access to rights, possibilities and public policies are essential for the nurturing of these seeds.” Read the full article here

The concentration of the media (the set of the old and new technologies used in mass communication) as a focal point for the understanding of today’s society – is affirmed by the book “Who controls the media? From old oligopolies to digital monopolies.” This was organized by Intervozes and launched on January 24, in partnership with the publisher Veneta. Based on articles and analyses by several authors, the work shows that the scenario has distinct consequences for each social group.

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