Como Anda is an initiative with the objective of understanding the scenario of mobility on foot in Brazil. Today it is the meeting point that organizes different groups and individuals that promote the agenda in the country. Between August and December 2019, the project mapped experiences of political incidence aimed at actions for mobility on foot in the country. The first reflections and materials about this extensive research are available in two texts published by Medium here and here .

This process has continued with 3 webinars. On March 20, Como Anda held the webinar “Activism and Advocacy for mobility on foot” with the presence of Anna Livia Arida, from the Advocacy Hub, and Mikael Freitas, from the Activism School, to further discuss these concepts. The second webinar , on April 8, debated mobility on foot before, during and after the 2020 municipal elections. In it, the debate was based on two actions: the Calçada Cilada campaigns, by the Instituto Corrida Amiga, and Calçadas do Brasil, by Mobilize Brasil.

The third webinar took place on April 30, and was dedicated to reflecting on the future of the cities after the coronavirus pandemic in the world. Over 7 manifestos were presented that discussed the impacts that the pandemic may have on the behavior of individuals and in the planning and management of urban centers. Watch the video here .

Corrida Amiga, one of the organizers of Como Anda, had a very busy month in April. The series What To Do During The Quarantine compiled useful tips of movies, music, podcasts and books on the subject of mobility, in addition to indicating virtual visits to museums, for example. In relation to the movement, the organization shared suggestions of how to practice sports and keep active even at home, with a conscientious message: “although we are the greatest defenders of the occupation of the public space through public transport, now specifically is not the time for this.”

There was more! The end of the series of publications “During the pandemic: walk or don’t walk?” included an online chat to determine the position of Corrida Amiga on the subject. And the basis, besides the ethical and citizenship aspect, was a study by researchers at the Universities of Leuven and Eindhoven who analyzed that the spread of droplets of saliva during physical activities outdoors can reach 20 meters. Finally, the preparations followed for the Calçada Cilada campaign, which will have its 7th version in 2020. While it is not possible to go out onto the streets to inspect the sidewalks, a digital public consultation will be held in partnership with the Colab application.

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