The National Congress has overturned most of the presidential vetoes of Law 14119, which establishes the National Policy of Payments for Environmental Services (PNPSA). The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, which is one of the main coordinators of civil society for the approval of the Law, celebrated the result.

“By overturning the vetoes that compromised the transparency and governance of the Federal Program of PNPSA, the National Congress demonstrated today, once again, that the PNPSA is a priority for the country. It is still necessary to overturn the vetoes to tax incentives, among others, in order to guarantee that the program is effectively capable of attracting investments. For this reason, in the name of the broad process of dialogue in the construction of this law, the Brazilian Coalition hopes to see all the vetoes overthrown in favor of a national policy that is capable of positioning the country as the leader of this agenda.”

Read about the complete positioning here.

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