To guarantee a healthy planet for the next generations starting now. This was the message by Daniela Lerario, the Brazilian leader at COP 26, during the mediation of the first plenary of the Connection for the Climate Fair, which took place on October 26-28.

During the panels, the following were discussed:

• experiences in Latin America of governments, companies and investors to mobilize sustainable, resilient and inclusive development;

• local solutions for climate resilience, with examples from Latin American cities that have already implemented adaptation and mitigation measures to deal with the impacts of climate change;

• the Green Wave, which is a study that brings together collective intelligence from several experts involved in the environmental agenda, consolidates challenges and calls for entrepreneurs, investors, governments, consumers, brands and actors from the Brazilian impact ecosystem to play a leading role in a systemic transformation in the relationship between businesses, people and the environment;

• bioeconomy as a future agenda of national development;

• and sustainable finance for climate action.

The event also held business rounds and pitches for the startup finalists from the Global Green Business Ideas Competition (Brazil) to present themselves to possible investors and financiers. The meetings between startups with good solutions for the climate and governments and companies interested in these innovations involved more than 120 initiatives, which was a record number of entries.

Watch the panels in full.

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