Articles by the former ministers and former presidents of the Central Bank, who are the signatories of the Convergence for Brazil initiative, can now be found in the O Globo newspaper, in a fortnightly column online and possibly in the printed version. The first article, written by the former Central Bank president Arminio Fraga, and by the chief economist of the initiative, Sergio Margulis, starts from the question: “Is it the time for the green economy?” Here is an excerpt:

“It is not news that it is known that climate change will have devastating effects if it is not combatted in time. The shocking lessons of the pandemic seem to have awakened the collective consciousness of the planet with respect to the limits of resistance to abuse.

The costs of the pandemic are intolerable. The projected costs of climate change are not only higher — they are significantly higher. And this is with an aggravating factor: they are permanent. Once the chain of events starts, they will not stop.”

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