An event organized by collectives from Belém, in Pará, took place over three days to discuss the climate crisis and to bring the Amazon peripheries closer to the decision-making on the subject

The Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP), governed by the UNFCCC, takes place annually and brings together the main leaders and global negotiators to discuss the efforts and confrontations involving climate change. In recent years, the theme of climate justice, i.e., the ascertainment that the effects of global warming fall differently depending on race, gender and social condition, has gained strength – although it is still far from having the necessary representation. To give voice and prominence to those entitled to it, groups, communities and collectives from Belém (PA) created the COP of the Baixadas, which took place between February 9-11.

The program highlighted the actions by actors and community-based organizations from the Amazon peripheries in relation to the climate crisis, with the intention of bringing the peripheries closer to the decision-making on the subject. Several iCS grantees participated, including COJOVEM, Mandi, Tapajós de Fato, Negritar and Na Cuia Produções.

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