The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25), which will be based in Chile, is approaching. The city of Santiago has been chosen to hold the international meeting, after the withdrawal of Brazil to host the negotiations. Meanwhile, we are accompanying the organization of Brazilians going to COP25. The good news is that the Brazil Climate Action Hub, in the so-called Blue Zone of the Conference, is guaranteed. It will be an environment in which the business sector, sub-national governments, civil society, and parliamentarians will present solutions that are being developed in Brazil in order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Because it is in the same pavilion in which the negotiations between national governments are taking place, the Brazil Hub will be a privileged zone of ​​reflection and exchange of experiences and information.

The Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) has been working to organize the participation of grantees from each portfolio at COP25. We are aiming to build an agenda for the potential opportunities with the network of iCS partners. By December, we will have organized a webinar for our grantees about how to accompany COP25 and for the press about how to cover the 2019 conference. We will soon disclose our complete program.

Our objective is that Brazilian society is represented plurally, and that inspiring practices and ideas are presented, so that we can achieve a low carbon economy, in accordance with the objective of limiting the average increase of temperature below 1.5°C by the end of the century.

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