It is no exaggeration: COP26 was the most representative and diverse in terms of representations of Brazilian civil society. Indigenous populations, quilombolas and riverside dwellers had a significant participation and prepared in advance, as follows:

Course by the Climate Observatory

The “Negotiating the Future” training is carried out by the Climate Observatory (OC) from the combination of different perspectives regarding the climate crisis that, together, seek to trace a possible path for the future of the planet. For this, representatives met from the organizations that make up the OC and also from partner organizations that have started their trajectories in the climate negotiations and agenda and participated at COP26.

Series of dialogues “Ambitions for and after COP26”

IYALETA – Research, Science and Humanities/Urban Legal Amazon held a series of dialogues seeking to broaden horizons with the socialization of the Brazilian ambitions in the Global South within the possibilities that would be built at COP. The guests debated themes such as Climate Dimensions and Gender Inequalities; Amazon in the Dimensions of the Unequal Territorial Planning; African Countries and the Dimensions of Climate Change; The Decarbonization of the North and the Fight against Inequalities in the Global South; and Desertification, Inequalities and Decarbonization: The Amazon and the Brazilian Caatinga.

“COP 26 – Without racial justice, there is no climate justice”

Uneafro Brasil organized a debate on YouTube regarding the subject that is fortunately gaining increasing attention: Without racial justice, there is no climate justice. What is the development model that we want for the coming years? Are we going to denounce environmental racism? Watch the debate here .

Also read articles by some of the iCS grantees, reports and more event options:

COP26 needs to give due urgency to the subject of environmental racism

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23 indigenous leaders from the Brazilian Amazon participate at COP-26 in Glasgow

“Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon & Climate Change” event

From CEOs to indigenous leaders, the pavilion for civil society is always busy and displays the diversity of Brazil at COP

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