In September 2020, the Families for the Climate group filed an action against the Government of São Paulo for noncompliance with the State Policy of Climate Change. The argument is that the IncentivAuto Program, created at the end of 2019, offers subsidies to the automotive sector without any consideration for the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, it encourages the installation of highly polluting technological platforms and fails to guarantee jobs, with the example of Ford leaving the country. Now, a victory: the court has ordered that the Government of SP provide details about IncentivAuto. More details here .

“This decision is an important and pioneering step to insert the climate dimension into the discussion about the benefits and costs of policies of economic stimulus to industrial sectors with a high carbon footprint. Transparency is a fundamental requirement for the evaluation and social control of these policies. All society has the right to know who benefits from the favorable conditions of financing, because this always involves a subsidy paid by everybody,” says Caio Borges, coordinator of the iCS Law and Climate portfolio.

It is important to remember that the Program to Control Air Pollution by Motor Vehicles, Proconve, establishes the replacement of the fleet of new diesel buses and trucks by 2022, with the adoption of the technology that is equivalent to the Euro-6, which is less polluting and was implemented in Europe in 2015. However, the National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea) has tried to postpone the deadline for the new phase of the Program.

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